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  1. Pure Bleached Greaseproof Paper 34gsm

    From £18.99 £22.79

    To £25.99 £31.19

  2. Paper Off Cuts
    £9.50 £11.40
  3. Foil Liner Wrap
    £14.99 £17.99
  4. Blue Burger Wrap
    £7.49 £8.99
  5. Red Burger Wrap
    £7.49 £8.99
  6. Baking Parchment Roll
    £4.25 £5.10
  7. Meat Wrap Roll 10mic

    From £26.99 £32.39

    To £44.99 £53.99

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Food Wrapping Materials at Wholesale Price

In order to keep your food fresh and tasty, you need to use the right type of wrapping paper for food. The wrong kind of paper can actually do more harm than good, as some kinds of food are sensitive or fragile. Tassie Food Company LTD brings you wrapping materials that ensure all your food wrapping needs are met! 

Thick Cling Film, catering roll, foil wrapping paper, greaseproof paper, or any other material that you seek, we have them here with the finest of quality in Britain. Because you deserve the best an the safest.