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Keep your Soup Fresh with our Plastic Soup Containers

Tassie Food Company LTD puts forth a variety of ranges of Soup Containers. Whether you pour the love for a classic soup cup, a presentable version, or a see-through plastic container, we cater all!

When it comes to soup containers Plastic soup containers rank first on our list. Our astounding soup container varies in sizes from 8 oz up to 16 oz, with a perfect fit, durable, and leak-free. Withstanding the hot temperature and aroma our soup containers with lids maintain the same freshness as cooked.

Britain is always in hurry, and to maintain that speed, our soup cups with lids make it easier for them. Whether you run for the last train with a soup cup in your hand or carry it with you from Manchester to Birmingham, our cups can handle it all. So that your food stays hot and secure.