Foil Containers & Lids

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  1. Full Deep/ Shallow Foil Lid
    £30.99 £37.19
  2. No1 Foil Container
    £27.49 £32.99
  3. No1 Board Lid
    £9.99 £11.99
  4. No2 Foil Container
    £37.99 £45.59
  5. No2 Board Lid
    £11.99 £14.39
  6. No6a Foil Container
    £29.99 £35.99
  7. No6a Board Lid
    £8.99 £10.79
  8. 9x9x1.5 Foil Container
    £31.99 £38.39
  9. 9x9x2 Foil Container
    £33.99 £40.79
  10. 9x9 Foil Board Lids
    £11.79 £14.15
  11. 7x9 Foil Container
    £103.99 £124.79
  12. 7x9 Foil Board Lid
    £22.99 £27.59
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Whether you are a fast-food catering business, a restaurant, or a corporate, there is always a need to buy disposables for takeout or eat ware for business canteens. Tassie Food Company LTD aims to save you a hunt and provide you with the best-quality and fairly priced catering packaging supplies including a wide variety of disposable bags, containers, and cutlery.

Purchase Sustainable & Reliable Packaging Supplies

If you are looking for supplies that you can rely on to carry heavyweight products, look no further. We use packaging material that has high tensile strength. Our packaging supplies are available at competitive pricing, for those who don't want to compromise on quality. We use only premium raw materials and machinery to manufacture our products and deliver only the best to you.

Get Premium Quality Foil Packaging in the UK

Tassie Food Company LTD provides world-class foil packaging in the UK. Foil packaging is very beneficial for the catering business as the foil can stand the heat and also has high tensile strength, making it perfect for takeouts and restaurants. The foil also keeps the food fresh and safe from environmental factors.