Food Packaging Bags

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  1. Small Kraft SOS Carrier Bag
    £14.99 £17.99
  2. Medium Kraft SOS Carrier Bag
    £15.99 £19.19
  3. Large Kraft SOS Carrier Bag
    £16.99 £20.39
  4. X-Large Kraft SOS Carrier Bag
    £30.99 £37.19
  5. Excel Clear Polythene Bag 100G

    From £6.50 £7.80

    To £34.00 £40.80

  6. Excel Clear Polythene Bag 120G

    From £8.00 £9.60

    To £36.00 £43.20

  7. Excel Clear Polythene Bag 200G

    From £16.99 £20.39

    To £29.99 £35.99

  8. Wide Heavy Duty Bin Liner
    £16.99 £20.39
  9. Standard Black Bin Liner
    £13.99 £16.79
  10. Paper Film Fronted Sulphite Bags

    From £12.49 £14.99

    To £20.00 £24.00

  11. Poly Plain Snappy Bag

    From £16.50 £19.80

    To £37.50 £45.00

  12. 12" Foil Lined Bag
    £23.99 £28.79
  13. Medium SOS White Plastic Bag
    £16.99 £20.39
  14. Large SOS White Plastic Bag
    £17.99 £21.59
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At Tassie Food Company LTD, you will get a vast range of high-quality disposable food packaging bags in the UK including front film bags, polythene bags, foil lined paper bags, large plastic bags, and many more at a competitive price range. Our offered range of food packaging bags is widely used in many catering companies, cafes, hotels, and restaurants.

Get Quality Tested Food Bags in the UK

If you are looking for the highest quality food bags in the UK that are also competitively priced, you are in the right place. Manufactured by using superior quality raw materials and cutting edge technologies, our packing bags are known for their significant attributes like tear resistance, premium quality, durability, and strength. 

Customised Food Packaging Bags at the Best Rate

As a renowned food packaging supplier in the UK we have a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements. To cater to their exclusive specifications in the best possible way, we offer a flexible range of bespoke food packaging bags at an affordable rate.