Sauce & Deli Pots

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  1. 1oz Hinged Round Sauce Pot
    £15.99 £19.19
  2. 2oz Hinged Round Sauce Pot
    £17.99 £21.59
  3. 4oz Hinged Round Sauce Pot
    £16.99 £20.39
  4. 2oz Sauce Pots with Lids
    £19.99 £23.99
  5. 1oz Solo Round Dip Container
    £37.50 £45.00
  6. 1oz SOLO Round Lids
    £30.00 £36.00
  7. 2oz Solo Round Dip Container
    £55.00 £66.00
  8. 2oz SOLO Round Lids
    £54.00 £64.80
  9. 1oz Clear Sauce Pot
    £4.99 £5.99
  10. 2oz Clear Sauce Pot
    £6.50 £7.80
  11. 5oz Clear Sauce Pot
    £29.99 £35.99
  12. 1oz Clear Sauce Pot Lids
    £3.99 £4.79
  13. 2oz Clear Sauce Pot Lids
    £6.50 £7.80
  14. 5oz Clear Sauce Pot Lids
    £18.99 £22.79
  15. 8oz Clear Deli Containers
    £29.99 £35.99
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Premium Plastic Dessert Pots are Available for Sale

Tassie Food Company LTD creates multiple deli pots with multiple shapes and sizes. Varying from 1oz to 8oz in size and hinged round, solo round, and clear deli pots in shape, we have left nothing untouched. Our pots are made to hold the leakage and let you be carefree.

Whether it's Branston, Piccalilli, Brown, Mint, Marmite, or Worcester sauce you can have it all. Our small sauce pot can endure all that you can throw. Compact, futuristic to look at, and recyclable is what makes our pots unique.

For dessert lovers, we bring a whole new range of Plastic Dessert Pots that keeps the essence, aroma, and freshly baked love alive and sealed safe. So that your love for food never vanishes.