Cleaning and Janitorial

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  1. Yellow Cleaning Gloves
    £5.99 £7.19
  2. Whisper 2ply Toilet Roll
    £14.99 £17.99
  3. Assorted Sponge Cloths
    £3.99 £4.79
  4. Rice Weave Tea Towels
    £7.50 £9.00
  5. White Dishcloth
    £3.99 £4.79
  6. All Purpose Cloths
    £3.49 £4.19
  7. Blue Microfiber Cloth
    £4.99 £5.99
  8. Yellow Microfiber Cloth
    £4.99 £5.99
  9. Green Scourer Pads
    £1.99 £2.39
  10. Disposable Forage Hat
    £7.99 £9.59
  11. Blue Disposable Mob Cap
    £6.99 £8.39
  12. White Disposable Mob Cap
    £6.99 £8.39
  13. Disposable Blue Overshoes
    £33.00 £39.60
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We know how important proper sanitation is to you, so along with the best food packaging bags in the UK, we also have the premium quality of cleaning supplies in London. Whether you are a fast-food business or a company, you need to have cleaning supplies that are reliable and can cover all types of areas. Hence, we have introduced the best quality of janitorial supplies in the UK.

Well Known Cleaning Material Suppliers

We are one of the most popular and trusted cleaning materials suppliers. We have a bleach for every stain, washing liquids customised for various utensils, and alcohol hand gel sanitisers to protect you from germs. We also have heavy-duty hand gloves to get the hard cleaning jobs done right.

Best Quality of Janitorial Supplies in the UK

You can find the best quality of cleaning material available in our store. Every product is manufactured using only high-quality raw material to provide the best cleaning experience. From providing cleaning gloves, bleach, sanitiser to all-purpose cloth, you can find everything you need under our roof, at Tassie Food Company LTD.