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We understand and empathise with the customers regarding the requirement of safe and high-quality plastic food packaging UK solutions, and at Tassie Food Company LTD, we just cater to that. Browse through our range of plastic containers, cups, bottles, and other products for the safest and best quality plastic commodities along with quality aluminium food containers.

Tested Industry Grade Plastic

Our industry grade plastic takeaway food containers are completely safe to use and have been laboratory tested and proven to withstand high temperature, keeping the food materials protected from any chemical interference and safe to eat.

Durable and Leak Proof Products at the Best Prices

Our microwave-safe plastic takeaway containers are durable and leak-proof and are effective in carrying semi-liquid or liquid food items like soup or gravy without any spillage or mess. Added to it, these multi-features and multi-purpose products are available at best and affordable prices satisfying the value for money aspect.


1. What kind of Plastic are Takeaway Containers?

Tassie Food Company LTD uses high-quality plastic for takeaway containers. We use only the industry graded plastic takeaway after conducting proper testing by our experts in the laboratory to make sure those plastics withstand high temperature, protects food items from harmful chemicals, and are safe to eat.

All our plastic takeaway containers are highly durable and come in leak-proof standards.

2. Are Plastic Takeout Containers Safe?

We use industry-grade plastics for our takeaway containers. Our experts make sure those plastics are safe to use by conducting appropriate laboratory tests. Our plastic takeaway containers are microwave safe that possesses high durability along with leak-proof standard which is perfectly safe to carry semi-liquid or liquid food items like soup, gravy, and so.

3. Are Plastic Takeaway Containers Recyclable?

Yes! We do use PP-5 standard plastics for making takeaway containers. In general PP (Polypropylene) based takeaway containers are highly durable and can be recycled. Almost all microwave-safe plastic containers we have are fully recyclable; however, you need to check with the local authority for recycling them in your area.

4. Are Takeaway Containers Microwavable?

Yes! All our takeaway containers which are specially made to carry semi-liquid or liquid food items are microwave-safe. And they are mostly used to carry food items like gravy, soup, yogurt, and so.

Our microwave-safe takeaway containers are durable and the leak-proof product comes with multi-features that ensure you can carry liquid food items without any spillage.

5. Do you Provide Discounts on Bulk Orders?

Yes! We do provide discounts on bulk orders!

In general, we do free delivery for all orders which are above 100 euro excluding VAT. For bulk orders get in touch with our customer support team to get full details about the discounts for your bulk orders by dialing 0121 318 8038 or by just send us your inquiry mail to