Biodegradable Food Packaging

Biodegradable Food Packaging
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Tassie Food Company LTD believes that every contribution counts when it comes to protecting our planet. To help you do your part in saving the environment, we have introduced biodegradable food packaging in the UK. They are easily disposable and 100% environmentally friendly. From coffee cups, brown paper bags, boxes to eat ware, we have a wide range of products in this category.

Why Buy Biodegradable Takeaway Containers

Biodegradable takeaway containers are eco-friendly and trendy. They are the new way of packaging and are getting popular in the catering business. Every day more and more companies, restaurants, and cafes are turning to biodegradable supplies to meet their packaging needs.

Get Biodegradable Food Containers at Wholesale

With the reliability and strength of plastic takeaway containers, our biodegradable packaging supplies are known for their durability. They are manufactured using only highly reliable and 100% biodegradable raw materials and top-notch machinery. Tassie Food Company LTD supplies save you a tedious trip to the Biodegradable food containers wholesale market and provide you eco-friendly supplies at a fair price.


1. What is biodegradable food packaging?

Ans: - Biodegradable materials are those made from animal, plant, or mineral-based sources and are designed to break down naturally with ease. Naturally occurring microorganisms degrade these materials into near harmless compounds.

2. What packaging is biodegradable?

Ans: - Cardboard and paper cardboard boxes, paper bags, postal tubes, cardboard envelopes, brown paper tape, tissue paper, kraft paper rolls.

3.Why is biodegradable packaging important?

Ans: -The major benefits to the environment are that compostable packaging requires less carbon to produce, reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and provides the earth with life-promoting nutrients.

4.How does biodegradable help the environment?

Ans: -The manufacture of biodegradable plastics results in far less environmental pollution when compared to plastics made from petroleum. When biodegradable plastics break down, they do so into harmless, nontoxic elements. They produce only 32 percent of the greenhouse gases that are emitted by petroleum-based plastics.

5.What is difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste?

Ans: -Biodegradable substances are those which decompose naturally in the environment naturally and are considered beneficial for the environment. Non-biodegradable substances are those wastes which do not decompose naturally in the environment, causes pollution and are also harmful to the living being.

6.What are the disadvantages of biodegradable waste?

Ans: -The microorganisms that break it down can cause disease and produce harmful gases. Non-biodegradable materials are often synthetic products like plastic, glass and batteries. Because they don't break down easily, if not disposed of properly, non-biodegradable waste can cause pollution, block drains and harm animals.

7.Are biodegradable waste harmful?

Ans: -New research shows that so-called biodegradable products are likely doing more harm than good in landfills, because they are releasing a powerful greenhouse gas as they break down.