Aluminium Food Container

Aluminium Food Container
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  1. 9x9x2 Foil Container
    £33.99 £40.79
  2. 9x9x1.5 Foil Container
    £31.99 £38.39
  3. No6a Foil Container
    £29.99 £35.99
  4. No2 Foil Container
    £37.99 £45.59
  5. No1 Foil Container
    £27.49 £32.99
  6. 7x9 Foil Container
    £103.99 £124.79
  7. 6x8 Foil Container
    £196.00 £235.20
  8. 7inch Round Foil Container
    £31.99 £38.39
  9. 9inch Round Foil Container
    £55.99 £67.19
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Are you looking for high-quality and cost-effective aluminium food packaging options? We offer you the best aluminium food packaging products made with high-grade aluminium that will keep your food items safe and healthy to eat.

Durable Aluminium Foil Containers for Optimal Temperature

Our range of aluminium foil containers retain the heat and moisture and keep the food products hot and fresh for a longer duration of time. Just like our biodegradable food packaging options, these aluminium take away containers are durable and easily withstand high temperatures without deteriorating or affecting the food.

Hygienic Food Containers at Best Prices

The aluminium takeaway containers are sterilised and safe to be used to store food. We offer a wide range of easy-to-use aluminium packaging products in multiple shapes and sizes that are available at the most competitive rates in the market.


1. Why is Aluminium used in Food Packaging?

Unlike other materials, Aluminium is completely recyclable and safe to carry food items. Aluminium foil which is used for making aluminium food packaging containers are easy to carry and also safe from bacterial infection.

Aluminium is a perfect material that protects food items from light and air-borne diseases, also aluminium containers are available in different sizes and shapes.

2. Is Aluminium Packaging Good for Health?

Aluminium is a non-toxic material that keeps food items hygienic. When it comes to health, Yes! Aluminium may be harmful to people suffering from bone diseases due to oxidization if they are used to cook foods. However, for carrying cooked food items it is absolute safe and completely harmless.

3. Is it Safe to Wrap Food in Aluminum Foil?

Aluminium is a lightweight material that protects foods from light and airborne bacteria. Aluminium foil is not recommended to cook food items; however, for carrying food it poses no threat.

However, we suggest not to use aluminium for carrying food items for a longer time because aluminum foil may begin to leach depending upon the food ingredients like spices, and so.

4. Would These be Suitable for Freezing then oven Heating?

Aluminium foil is a perfect choice for keeping food items hot and also for cold. They act as a barrier to light and air, owing to the fact that it keeps food as hot or cold for a significant amount of time.

Also, it is a perfect material for heat conductivity and safe to use directly on foodstuffs.

5. Can I buy Lids Separately?

Yes! Tassie Food Company LTD does sell aluminium lids which are used to seal aluminium containers while carrying semi-liquid or liquid food items like gravy or soup.

However, you need to be sure of picking the right size of aluminium lids you are looking for. We have a very diverse collection of lids made up of aluminium foil.

6. Are Aluminium Food Containers Recyclable?

Yes! Aluminium containers are 100% recyclable. All food containers which are made up of aluminium materials are recycled forever without loss of their property.

Aluminium food packaging provides the complete solution for carrying ready meals safely and by keeping it hot as served for a certain amount of time.