12" Foil Lined Bag

12" Foil Lined Bag

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Size: 7x9x12inch 

These Foil Bags have been designed as a leakproof bag which can preserve the heat of your product. The outside part of the bag is constructed with a high tensile strength white paper, while the inside part is lined with a premium foil. Great for fried or grilled food.

An Affordable Range of Foil Lined Paper Bags at Tassie Food Company LTD

If you are in the fast-food restaurant business or run a café or takeaway, foil-lined bags can help you package food efficiently and effectively. We stock a wide range of these disposable food containers in the UK catering to the varied specifications of customers. 

Foil Lined Paper Bags ensure Maximum Heat Retention

Lined with aluminium foil in the centre and white paper outside, these foil-lined pouches ensure maximum heat retention and keep the packed food fresh, intact, and piping hot for a long time.

Leak Proof Design with High Tensile Strength

Constructed with high tensile strength material, these disposable foil-lined paper bags prevent spillage of the packed item. Widely used to pack food items safely, these foil-lined pouches are convenient to use and probably the safest option for packing hot foods. 

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